More Things to Look Forward To!

Continuation of my List;

Tim Burton Exhibition 2010

I went to a PIXAR Exhibit at the ACMI in Melbourne in 2007 with a group of friends, it was amazing. Hopefully the Tim Burton Exhibit will be just as fantastic; it includes personal works and works from the upcoming Alice in Wonderland! I must say i am mostly excited for seeing the stop motion puppets =)


Quick list of trailers of upcoming movies that excite me =)

There's more.. Get back to you later

Points of Interest

Just a quick posts about a few things that are coming up shortly that are of interest of me;

Scrubs Season 9

I still retain uncertainties about the next generation of Scrubs. So far the advertising seems to be taking a sneaky approach. Why is it that all advertising includes a rather large focus on Zach Braff - who is no longer a series regular, nor the main focus of the show and only appearing in 6 episodes of the season. Apparently he will still be receiving the same billing as a series regular. This combined with ABC's apparent refusal to allow the show's producers to alter the name, wanting the Scrubs 'badge' to remain. Is this so that those many many people against the show's continuation would not watch the show without the name? Admittedly i was initially amongst those numbers, i came to the realisation that a true fan of the show accepts change (hopefully for the better).

Assassin's Creed 2

I am looking forward to the 19th of this month. Couple of reasons (refer to following topics) but Assassin's Creed 2 is one of the reasons. My very shiney Black Edition!!!

So far it looks wonderful on all appearances, i have been replaying the first game and i am sincerely hoping that this game is not as repetitive as the the first. Although i would say that the fact the combat system has been worked on and the fact that you can use more than just your sword, knife and quickblade is a relief. A master assassin should be proficient in all forms of combat and weaponry after all.

And of course the addition of being able to swim will make for better gameplay. The frustration that i feel everytime my master assassin cannot perform a simple task such as swimming is reminscent of a similar experience of GTA Vice City. So a screenshot such as this make me very happy;

I have been trying to not research it too much so that there are suprises, screenshots as the one below intrigue me though;

Graphic Design Grad Show

Finally my 4 year tenure at Charles Sturt University is coming to an end. This Grad Show on the 19th will signal the end, which is a relief and yet something that has gone far far too quickly. I'm ready to work though, excited about it even. There's not too much to say about the Grad Show until it's over really. I have pretty much organised the entire thing, organising someone to open the exhibition, the printing of business cards and the grad publication, figuring out the layout of the displayed works etc etc. It has been hectic and after doing a similar thing last year for Multimedia i had hoped to avoid it but unfortunately people relied too much on some else (*me*) doing it.

There is more, so i will continue to update this blog later. And more often! No longer am i as busy so it will be good to be able to get back to blogging.

Sands of Time

Finally there is a Prince of Persia film trailer!

I have been waiting a long time for this, and my impatience has been rising in the past week because all the relevant film sites were reporting that they had seen it and were raving about it. Here it is;

They are obviously taking more inspiration from the Art Direction of Warrior Within and Two Thrones opposed to The Sands of Time - which isnt a bad thing in my mind. I have high hopes for the film; i know its early but it has the potential to succeed on its own, as opposed to 'the game being better'. It seems to retain the key aspects of the legend and story enough to keep fans happy.