As you can see I have broken from my usual numbering system for my blog posts.

I grew quite attached to the system, but some posts just call for an actual title as a opposed to a serial number. Fear not! The system will remain for the most part, but I shall break from it from time to time.

I am currently employed to do some freelance illustration work (which I should really be doing instead of blogging) on a very exciting project which I'm psyched to be involved with. At the current stage that is all I cant tell you guys about that particular undertaking, sorry!

Still stuck at Liz's parents place, going to be for a while yet - have to house sit for a few months while they're on holidays. I'd kill to get out of here, insanity has well set in and I am well on my way to blown lunacy. I never intended on being here longer than March and yet here I am heading into July and not looking at getting out of here till October. I just can't put up with much more of this I'm afraid. There's an assumption that we don't know how to do ANYTHING which is killing me. I'm sorry, but after living on my own for 4 years to back to living under someone is just like walking through a sheet of glass and then rolling around in the shards just to make sure I'm bleeding enough.

Anyhoo.. Enough on that.

I'm very jealous of all of you who are in Melbourne and am regretting coming to Sydney instead of Melbourne (not for the first time). The Tim Burton Exhibition at ACMI opened yesterday and I would have loved to have been there to meet Mr Burton and get his signature. I have a NEED to get one of the limited copies of 'The Art of Tim Burton' but I don't like my chances of any being left by the time that I'll likely make it down to Melbourne (the long weekend in October). I may have to request one of my Melbourne-based buddies to grab me a copy. That could work.
nb. Part way through writing this I was talking to Pam (she's in Melb) and she's going to pick me up a copy! Woo!

A few other things on my mind are what is going to be taking place in the next few years. By October 2011 I will have completed a short film and concurrently my Master of Arts Practice, something that is very exciting and feels very far away. I have been a bit slack in the past month and a bit on updating my Masters blog and I really need to get onto that before my supervisors get onto me about it. Sp far the project is proceeding reasonably on time, a few hold ups with ordering a book in have cost me some time (the book took 6 and a half weeks to arrive). If you're interested in seeing what is happening with that be sure to check out the afore mentioned blog, which will be receiving steady updates again throughout this week.

So that's happening and there is still this uncertainty in regards to full-time work, or at least regular weekly work that would allow me to live comfortably without fear of being income-less one week and thus unable to pay rent etc. I have landed a well-paying freelance gig which I mentioned in a previous entry which is going well, have been working on it for nearly a week now. It is unsure how long the work will go for and IF the project takes off there will be constant work for a reasonable time period. But I am obviously not betting on that as my only source of income, that would be foolish. I remain on the job hunt; if I could attain a regular flow of freelance work I would be quite pleased, it's obviously not ideal but it's more than I've got going at the moment.

Lastly, I checked out the new season of Futurama the other night and I did not come away disappointed. I was concerned for the new season (Season 5, not 6!) after the failure that was the 4 Futurama movies. That may be an unfair statement, I did enjoy Bender's Big Score - but it lacked the punchy pacing that makes Futurama flow. By the time the last film came out it was terrible and I was sad that the series would end on such an awful note which did not reflect it's successes for 4 years prior. 'The Devil's Hands are My Playthings' was one of the greatest Futurama episodes and the perfect unintended ending to the series back in 2003. However, after watching 'Rebirth' and 'In A Gada Da Leela' I am more than pleased to see Futurama back were it belongs; syndicated television. Doubly pleased that they followed up on Fry and Leela's relationship - which was something that after the end of Season 4 they ignored completely until throwing it into the end of the final film. That was poorly handled I must say.

Highlights of the 2 episodes would definitely be Zapp's Victory Yodel, Professor Farnsworth, Stem Cells, Robot Leela, hack on CSI Miami, V-Giny, Shrapnel-vision and most especially 'The Man With No Name' - Zapp Brannigan. Oh and also Bender taking a bit of a back seat unlike his overbearing presence in the films.

So that's about it.




With every trailer, every spot of new footage, this movie looks better and better! And Edgar Wright is yet to fail me yet. Very excited to see how Scott Pilgrim goes.

And finally some footage of Brandon Routh! Rocking hard!


Yeah that's right. You saw what you saw! Space battles in Halo: Reach. I was suprised when this appeared in the Halo: Reach E3 2010 Trailer. Stands to reason that Bungie would pull out something magestic (more so than what had already been announced/released) for their 'final' Halo game. Can't wait.

I will be doing a full E3 post once it's complete.



Finally landed some employment after how many months of hunting?

The irony is that this freelance gig is through an agency based in Melbourne, but the people heading up the project are luckily Sydney-based. So I am beginning to feel like something is working out for me (finally). It is an illustration job which I cannot go into detail about for confidential reasons, but the pay is good and the job should last a few weeks at least. It could be ongoing, or with the opportunity of further work at least but that is something that will not be seen for a while.

I cannot tell you all how happy I am to finally have landed something.


Just stumbled across the 332 Edward St blog that one of my housemates did up in June 2006. Consisted of one entry (and the above image). Dear god I miss those times;

"Scott Finlay* 19, answers the door wearing nothing but a dressing gown, ug boots and a smile. 'Someone's here' he yells out to no-one in particular. He gestures to them to follow him, as he turns and heads down the corridor. Upon passing the door on the right, he bangs on it and keeps going. Movement can heard on the other side, but that quickly subdues. Scott passes the hallway door and disappears to the left. The next room appears to be a loungeroom. In the 3-seater, Jason Fletcher* lies wrapped in three cotton blankets because it's too cold to sleep in his room, aka the "ice fortress". The fire place which has been converted to a gas heater isn't on, because the cord is not long enough to reach the only powerpoint in the room. Against the wall on the right, resides the daybed. Not comfortable nor even functional, the bed serves to prop intoxicated tenants up from the floor, when not in the bathtub. A ridiculous tv unit holds a big black television 3 feet from the ground, underpining the tv is a dvd player and a monopoly board game. A partition connects the loungeroom to the kitchen, where Scott sits at the table in the middle of the wood slat floor. He sips from a coffee mug, slowly and deliberately, momentarily looking from them as, Dane Kirkland* enters the room. It's 9:41 in the morning of a Saturday, you could get breakfast at McDonalds at this time, but not Dane naturally awake. He is barely conscious but says hello, then progresses back to his room and shuts the door.

Such is the house of 332 Edward St.

- Dane Kirkland.
18. Currently studying a double degree of BA (Multimedia)/(Graphic Design) at CSU Wagga. He is a first year, but hopes this is not his only year. He one day plans to design parachute graphix and start his own business. Name pending. He is a man of few words, which doesn't mean he doesn't talk much, just that his vocabularly isn't very expansive. His new word is: Gigantanormus. (He likes making words up.)

- Jason Fletcher. aka the 'J-Fizzla'
18. Attends CSU Wagga trying to get a BSc in Spatial Science, though he is not entirely
sure that it is exactly what he wants to do, but he's doing it anyway *Dane nb - thats stupid*. He's a procrastinating photographer, who really should do more photography than he does currently and not be so damn picky. He also wishes his room wasnt so damn cold, so he could sleep in there occasionally.

- Scott Finlay.
19. Attends CSU Wagga, undertaking a B Social Working degree. He enjoys moonlight strolls down the Esplenade, and skipping in the rain. Likes to wear womens products when he thinks no-one can see, and really shouldnt let other people write his bio for him, because they'll just make shit up. But he really is at Uni."


Flamingos & Hearts

"Flamingos & Hearts" copyright DKirkland 2010.

Illustration for deviantART's 'Wonderland' Competition, done very rapidly over the past day.

Have really wanted to draw an interpretation of the Queen of Hearts since I saw the first trailer for Alice in Wonderland last year so I finally got around to doing it. In terms of "picturing myself" in there that's what the flamingo is for. I'm feeling pretty beaten at the moment and I'm struggling for inspiration. Then I found this comp! So in other words, I am the flamingo.... as strange as that sounds.


 Following up on my previous post on the end of Lost.

So the questions that remained to be answered which would keep me happy;
- Who is Jacob's replacement?
Everything points to Jack, Sayid stated as much. But with Jacob's mother commenting that she thought his brother was meant to replace her - the Man in Black may be putting his eggs in the wrong basket. I cannot really think of who else would replace him though. The remaining options are Sawyer, Hurley and Jack. I'd like to see Sawyer thrust into the role - as unwilling as Jacob with the difference that Sawyer does not want to stay on the Island.
Well there you go. Jack was Jacob's replacement, and was only meant to fix his mistakes. Which was fitting - after all that's all Jack has been trying to do for the whole 6 years - fix everything. And he did.

- What is Desmond's role?
I'd have to say something about immobilizing the smoke monster.. Something along those lines.
Desmond was the constant, who had insight into both existences. Although his assumptions about the flash-sideways universe was wrong and his disappointment in his realization that what he had assumed was the wrong conclusion was fantastic.

- What is Widmore's purpose?
I've got nothing here. Apart from the fact that he was kicked off the island and felt his purpose was there I couldn't say. It's selfish whatever it is.
To set Jacob's final plan(s) in motion, to enable the candidates to finish what Jacob started. I do think he could have approached it in an upfront way that didn't alienate everyone.

- Who will die?
Ummm. Kate. Richard. Ben. I think Hurley would be a hard hitting death but I can't see it happening. If Kate dies I can't see Sawyer and Jack kicking it. I would love to see Jack die, or replace Jacob and finally have purpose. I'm on the fence there.
Man was I off track. I was quite pleased with how it went. Jack finally fulfilling his purpose was a grand moment. And on some level I suppose I was right - everyone died eventually.

- Who will leave the Island?
Everyone? Noone? Can't pick it.
Hurley didn't leave, that was something. 

- What will happen to the Smoke Monster?
I wouldn't say die. But something bad.
Well I was half right. Something bad did happen. He died, but he died as a man not crazy smoke monster. 

- Lastly, what is the Flash Sideways universe?

Who the hell knows. It's damned intriguing, but so confusing.
Afterlife? Not bad, got to watch it to make sense of it of course. Explaining it to people who haven't watched the series in 3 years makes it sound terrible although.