Windows 7

I must say that I really REALLY want W7. For my mac, ironically. Boot Camp!!! Soon very soon.

Major Heroes Death?

There has been announcement that one of the original male cast of Heroes will be killed off this season. The question remains who?

Looking at the image above the original male cast was Peter, Nathan, Hiro, Mohinder, Noah, Parkman, Isaac and DL.

When it comes down to it Isaac, DL and Nathan are already gone - despite the fact that Adrian Pasdar remains as Sylar/Nathan Nathan himself is dead. Unless of course they bring him back to life with Claire's blood (something so terribly obvious that they did not do). So let's call Nathan an enigma and throw him into the category of unsolved mysteries.

That leaves Mohinder, Noah, Peter, Parkman and Hiro.

Mohinder is yet to appear in the 4th Season (6 episodes in) which is of interest, but also i they kill him i would not care purely based on his absence going on for so long and his character has fulfilled his original purpose. Parkman is an interesting character, but i would far prefer him to go bad (more bad-ass than his dad did) as opposed to being killed off. I have always said the characters that they will never kill are Peter, Hiro and Claire. But as we all know Hiro is dying aready, is this a case of Charlie in Lost? Build up his death so much that you do not expect it to happen, but it does anyway? I feel that it would result in a similar reaction to Charlie's passing (Lost) - people would actually care if the time traveller was knocked off.

Peter is essentially the main character in an ensemble cast. I do wish his character would regain his original power, whether or not he will remains unanswered. Peter has always been the jack of many trades, master of none. It would be a shame if they killed his character, leaving questions such as the scar unanswered. Yes i know that there is no assurance the scar will ever occur, but both alternate versions of Peter have had the scar. They both also had Peter's original power, opposed to the cheapened replacement. Who knows? I feel like the scar is inevitable, every time there is something that could plausibly give it to him it quirks my interest. He obviously has to gain it whilst lacking Claire's power. Let's see what happens.

Lastly, Noah. Possibly still one of the better characters it would be a shame to kill of the only member of the main cast who remains powerless. He provides a certain balance - knowing more than many empowered about their abilities, and yet having none.

I'm not going to provide a prediction as to which character is going to die. All i know is that the actor was suprised to find out - so that's always a good sign.

Tim Burton - The Exhibition

I found this article today online;

From the
24th June - 10th October 2010 the exhibition will be hosted by the ACMI in Melbourne, which i went to a very enjoyable (and cheap!) exhibition of the History of Pixar back in 2007. So I am rather psyched for this coming attraction. Apparently the exhibition will have both professional and personal works of his on display including artwork, sketches, storyboards and most awesomely puppets!!!!! It is also going to include works from the upcoming Alice in Wonderland which is fantastic. So expect me to attend at some point next year whilst its here.

Heroes Promo

Can anyone guess why I have put this here, apart from the return of Sylar?

Hint: Who ya gonna call?


Having been a long time fan of Stargate I have been impatiently waiting for the lastest chapter in the story - Stargate Universe (or SGU). I have watched Stargate since the original Stargate film and then SG-1 and then Atlantis and I must say that this series shows the potential to move Stargate in a new direction, or it may have very well done it already.

Finally a Stargate that isn't afraid to blur the lines between good and evil, removing the constant obvious segregation of the two that both SG-1 and Atlantis displayed. The main character (as far as i can assess from 2 episodes) of Doctor Nicholas Rush is a flawed character. Good? Yes, but obviously to a degree which there is (for once) leniency to the character to make mistakes, or selfish choices. The other characters seem interesting enough, unlike the original Atlantis team they are not carbon copies of the SG-1 team. Rush is unique, Eli Wallace brings to mind a nice mixture of a SG-1 Season 1 Daniel Jackson combined with Rodney McKay. Except the main difference between these 3 and Eli is that he is an 'accidental' genius - he just played a video game and happened to understand some pretty heavy equations (from what we have seen) and grasp the basics of the Ancient language.

I'll see how the next few episodes play out but it has well and truly sucked me back in - i may even go watch the 10 seasons of SG-1 i have sitting on my shelf. Or at least an episode or two.

Motion. Stop. Motion.

La Boite Concept (arcade multimedia) HD from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.

Big fan of this video. I have been working on a Stop-Motion concept for a while now, it may be something that also takes place after u finish uni as a part of my 'i have nothing to do now' regime for a couple of months. =p

Photo-graphy (+ misc)

I have always been interested in photography... mostly i like the idea of capturing a very honest view of the world. Unfortunately it's not a talent that i have naturally and would take time that i just do not have to nurture. Perhaps after I am done with uni (6 weeks!) I will explore the world of photography and cameras.

There is nothing that i am looking forward to more than completing my degree, it's a 4 year degree so it's a decent amount of time to spend doing the same thing. Honestly I am completely over uni and having to meet someone else's expectations for my own work - as long as i am happy with my work and it meets the basic assessment requirements i do not see the issue. Apparently I am missing something. I understand that this is what i will have to deal with in the industry, but I feel that there are different circumstances there - someone will be paying me to do what they want so it is fair enough that they push you towards what they want to see and also I will be hopefully working as part of a team - not expected to do everything 100% on my own.

I suppose the frustration for comes from a number of things. I am very over living in Wagga, I will miss old 332 Edward when i move but the town itself drags. For me it is no different than home (Young) which is only an hour and a half away and there is always the fact that yes it is a bigger center, but there isn't necessarily ore to do here. The nature of uni is causing me nothing but frustration - as i said before, I do not care for other people telling how my work should be, as opposed to the suggestions that should be given as an option; not an expectation or demand.

Oh well. I just have to stick it out for 6 weeks, the first of which is this week! Public holiday today means i do not have class until Thursday - so this extra time will be well spent. Right after i finish this blog post.

Done. =p

Tights, Capes and Night Vision

I have finished 2 of my new games recently and my beautiful girlfriend spoilt me today and bought me the Wolverine game just beacuse she wanted to and i was going to buy it myself anyway. Made my day =p It's pretty damn good, no Arkham Asylum - but still good. You really feel the power of Wolverine when you literally rip people to pieces, especially the regeneration that you can watch as the bullet holes fill themselves in. It's wonderful to watch. Oh and HUGH JACKMAN!

Anyway let's see...

Batman Arkham Asylum is honestly the best game i have played in years. Everything about it was spectacular; the voice acting, models, level design, gameplay, sound design - the whole damn thing was worthy of the Batman name. I sincerely hope that there is a sequel along the lines of 'Batman Gotham City' - it leaves an opening there for it to happen. *please* Now to attack the challenge mode and see what downloadable content there is.

I finished it on the hardest difficulty the other night, one night after i completed ODST (Which i have raved about in a previous post) - it was an ending that i was quite satisfied with, especially the Legendary-exclusive epilogue.