A recent photoshop experiment. It's been a while since I did any serious photoshopping, it was heaps of fun getting back into it! Originally the changes were going to be more minimalistic but as you can see it turned out far more horrific than I had originally intended.


Hesher is clearly not going to be for everyone. I'll say that upfront.

I think it looks to be another perfect example of the acting talents of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman. JGL looks amazing in fact! The film looks to be quite out-there with the emotional story of the loss of a loved one, coupled with the intense (even frightening) aspect of the unknown.

Official Description;

Hesher is the story of a twenty-something long-haired tattooed metal-head who one day unexpectedly enters the life of a grieving family. Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is the most unlikely person to help 13-year-old TJ (Devin Brochu) cope with the death of his mother, but he proves to be the only one who can truly free TJ from his overwhelming sadness. The charismatic and dangerous Hesher drags TJ out of loss and confusion by sheer force of will and gives the young boy and his grieving father (Rainn Wilson) a chance to be a family again.

Full of the (un)Dead

Cinematic trailer for the upcoming Dead Island game was released today. It sets a tone which, if successfully translated into gameplay, will certainly develop the best zombie video game on the market. The zombie genre in video games is not over populated yet but soon will be with the success of the recent 'The Walking Dead' television series spurring developers into action. We already have our arcade-style shooters like House of the Dead and even Resident Evil to a certain extent. With these we also have more extravagant products such as the Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising series. Dead Rising is a personal favourite of mine, the crowd dynamics were mind blowing for an early release back in '06. Recently we have the add-on for Red Dead Redemption titled 'Undead Nightmare'. RDR allows players to re-enter the Wild West and this time take on hordes of undead. Dead Island represents a significant step forward; presenting a similar experience to RDR in the sense that it provides us with a sandbox in which to hunt and inevitably be hunted by hordes of the living dead.
The real seller is the 4 player co-op - if this game turns out to be FarCry/Fallout with zombies and 3 mates to play with, it will be a dream. Sandbox games are lacking in multiplayer, specifically co-op functionality. This Dead Island could rapidly become the top zombie game in recent history if it pulls of what is promised and has a decent story. Another nice touch would be if there were a finite number of occupants to this 'island paradise'. That would blow the audience's collective minds.


Blogging has proven difficult and elusive of late. Partly it is because I am overwhelmed with a lack of enthusiasm and optimism that I simply cannot be bothered. Even as we speak I keep flicking tabs away from writing this entry. [flick]

The beginnings of a new year have been wrought (?) with excitement, fun, boredom, soul crushing, lack of interest and again boredom. This is on a day to day basis unfortunately. A lack of focus is a result of a lack of drive which is a direct result of lack of entertainment which is ultimately a result of a diminishing sense of hopeful optimism. Following? No? Don't feel bad, I can hardly keep up myself.

Enough whining from me. A quick dot pointed entry which holds the potential to become a weekly endeavor which is simply easier than a billion and one posts that I never get around to. This would most likely occur on a Sunday hereafter...

 Mark Webb's upcoming Spiderman film has been officially titled 'The Amazing Spiderman'. A no brainer to be sure, opens the sequels up to titles such as 'Spectacular' and 'Astonishing'. This has also been accompanied with a new image of Andrew Garfield fully suited up. The blue fingertips are a bit odd but it mixes it up a bit I suppose.

Finally saw True Grit. Excellent film, Jeff Bridges was excellent. As was Hailee Steinfeld. She is one to watch for sure.

Fox finally released a X-Men: First Class trailer. Looks promising. I am particularly looking forward to Nicholas Hoult as Beast.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is turning out to be far more than I could have dreamed for. I discovered last night that Gannicus is actually one of the generals in Spartacus' slave revolt so it will be very interesting to see if Starz has chosen to pursue this branch of history. Best wishes to Andy Whitfield's family, I will surely miss him in Season 2 - here's hoping for his better health in the near future.

Lex Luthor is returning for Smallville's series finale. Will be very glad to have Michael Rosenbaum back. It was the only potential hitch for the show's climatic swan song.

Chose a new showreel song. "Garbage Truck' - Sex Bob-omb.

Ordered shiny new books from Amazon. Very excited.

Tried HAM down in Cronulla. Excellent iced coffee's. Perhaps the best. Perhaps.

Have heard the How I Met Your Mother car alarm outside my unit four times now. WEOO WEOO WEOO. Weoo Weoo Weoo. ooooEEEE ooooEEEE ooooEEEE. ooooOOOOOOP oooooOOOOOOP. ER ER ER ER. Love it... For now.

That's it for now.


With a few weeks until the Oscars come round again, I'm taking some time to reflect on those greats that are no longer with us.


Take Me Home Tonight looks fantastic. I'm moving away from these kind of films, but Topher Grace heading to the 80's with the creator's of That 70s Show seems like a win from over here. In fact it's made me start watching That 70s Show through again. It's that time of year I suppose.

The only potential issue with this film is that it has been held back from release for several year's because the studio wasn't sure how to approach advertising a film which features heavy cocaine use. It being the 80's and all. The film was filmed in 2007. But being a period piece alleviates several concerns, the jokes (like That 70s Show) are sure to be period-related.

Red Band trailer above.