I've been trying to figure out the odd costume choice in the latest Star Trek film since they popped up in the first still of Simon Pegg in the film. It just dawned on me - they are jackets! So bloody obvious and quite cool (now that they make sense).


People always ask who my favourite actors & actresses are and I have always had such a hard time with naming my favourite actresses. Actors? Easy. But actresses have aways required more thought..

Well here's two that I'm a huge fan of.


Must say pulling music from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack was a very odd move considering how apt their song choices for Season 2's advertising were.

Episode VII

I would love to see Mark Strong in Star Wars.

AC IV: Black Flag

Short and sweet - people have been commenting that pirates are a strange fit for the franchise. I have to disagree, while the assassin's are selfless and honourable etc etc and pirates are clearly the opposite of that but clearly there will be a redemption story. Besides, pirates should mix it up a bit. My only gripe with the sea combat in AC III was that you couldn't board any vessel you chose to. Hoping that's changed.