Ok. Just read that the Werewolf & Vampire Skill Trees in Dawnguard are completely separate to your regular skill trees. Unlock 'experience points' for the Werewolf by killing and eating your victims (hearts apparently). Vampires unlock 'experience' via blood sucking (after a certain amount of murder and mayhem I assume).

Will have to test that out.

This means that skill point I had saved from my recent level up can be spent on something else. The two aforementioned skill trees use their own points gained through these methods so that's nice for those who have already hit the level cap.


The first DLC for Skyrim is out. I downloaded it last night, only 500mb's or so which is quite decent considering what it adds to the game. I finished of a couple of side quests I had started previously and then dove into hunting down the beginning of the Dawnguard quest..

Or so I thought.

After an hour or so of hunting for a guard that was going to mention the vampire menace (and launch the quest) I had the thought that maybe it didn't install properly. Exited to the dashboard and relaunched the game. At this point I should mention that I downloaded the DLC through the game, not from the dashboard. Upon relaunch the main menu loaded up and a screen popped up over the top to inform me that 'Add Ons are installing'.

Didn't I feel stupid?

So after that finished and I jumped back into the game I talked to the first guard I saw (in Riften) and the first thing he said was "Don't I know you?". So after talking my way out of potential jail time/paying of fines due to stealing a horse he brought up vampires and I was on my way. I headed down the path, which lead to the mysterious gateway that apparently leads to Morrowind. My destination lay beyond that point so I was quite excited and rode through the gateway.

Or not.

The invisible barrier still stands, I was confused to say the least. After a little backtracking I discovered there is actually a linear path that leads you through the mountain and around the gate to the Dawnguard Castle. So there you go, that's how you get started. I have not found out why the werewolf skill tree has not yet appeared for me, but after a brief play I'm hooked into Skyrim again. Also, crossbows are extremely effective. The base bow I was given did more damage than my enchanted Glass Bow - which is more than just a little sad.

I'm looking forward to playing more. My main character is level 30 and happens to be a werewolf - so he will be travelling the Dawnguard path - it makes sense to his character, the upstanding Nord that he is (let's forget about the aforementioned horse thievery). I do have another level 10 character who is a scumbag so I can fulfil my vampiric needs with him.