He saw what Clark did.

I think the world is ready for this kind of Superman movie. I know I am.

Seems like Snyder has a firm grasp on both the humanity and power that Supes represents. And also the potential threat that he could become and why he (in his early days) would be treated with suspicion and even fear.

I've got faith in Henry Cavill to pull it off too.


Seriously. Do these people age? I know the wonders that makeup can do but come on! It's been a good decade!

End of the World

Who knew she had a sense of humour...

Star Trek Into Darkness

The trailer gives a good look at the Trek sequel. Apparently a preview for a longer 2 minute trailer which is to come next week. Either way it looks dark. So very dark. And awesome. Probably could have done without the very Avengers-ish shot of the Enterprise rising out of the water though.