I was watching How I Met Your Mother last night. The gang were packing up Barney's childhood bedroom and I couldn't stop thinking that it was the exact layout of Eric's room from That 70s Show. I kept examing the layout, as That 70s Show is one of the shows I know best.. That and Scrubs..

Turns out in this instance my suspicions were correct!!


What Mythbusters' Adam Savage fills his spare time with..

The World Shall Burn.

The third instalment in the Diablo franchise shall rise tomorrow. Super excited, struggling to comprehend that my school mates and I spent ages playing Diablo 2 (on dial-up!) just over 10 years ago!

The Aeon Flux style certainly works for this short film.

Can't wait.

Tron: Uprising

Looks fantastic. Will provide an interesting insight into the events in The Grid between Tron & Tron: Legacy. The visual style certainly grabs your attention, 2D-styled 3D and all that. Cool cast too!


I must say. May holds an awful lot of 3's.

Hope. Faith. Rise.

Looks incredible. My faith in Nolan's casting of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is slowly beginning to be justified... Bane is terrifying; that mask and his stature evoking the appearance of an imposing animalistic monster. Great to see JGL get some screen time, still doesn't answer my questions as to whether or not he is Nolan's answer to Robin yet. And why so many tumbler's?? Does Batman have his own army to combat the League of Shadows??

After being to America earlier in the year it's some of the locations are obvious from one or two shots, but overall Gotham in winter provides such a stark contrast to the dark colours of the film's heroes and villains, the snow covered city looks beautiful!

Batman almost sounds tired.. July cannot come fast enough.