Some rejected character designs from yesterday.

High Resolution Doom

Intense! Very inspired by Element79's rendering of a high resolution Doom. Stumbled across this over at Gizmodo (suprisingly not on Kotaku??). The artwork took approximately 35 hours to complete, over the course of 8 days. Not a bad result for essentially a week's work (on and off). Quite curious to give it a go myself.

Olly Moss' Oscars

I'm always a fan of Olly Moss' work and I'm a huge a fan of his poster for the Oscars! It's just so damn clever. I'm looking forward to this year's awards! I'm hoping (but not expecting) that Seth MacFarlane can improve on the abysmal hosts of the past few years. Disregarding the fact that I am a massive Hugh Jackman fan, it has been seriously downhill after he hosted. Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin? Awful. Billy Crystal? Disappointing. Anne Hathaway & James Franco? Kill me.

Wollongong Excursion

Had a fantastic action-packed weekend between Sydney and Wollongong!

First was a trip on Friday night to the Opera House to watch the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (with Liz, Myles & Grace) perform music from The Legend of Zelda series. They did a great job; performing suites from The Ocarina of Time, Windwaker, a few others and the third encore of a whole suite Majora's Mask didn't hurt!

Then Liz and I headed down Wollongong on Saturday for the afternoon wedding of Westy and Kristy (both technically West's now I suppose). Beautiful ceremony, excellent VW convey van as the wedding vehicle, a brief stop off via The Brewery on the way to the reception. This was followed by alot of eating, drinking, dancing and a trip on a suspicious but fun 'party bus' that randomly pulled up and offered us a ride. There were many flashing lights and Toby treated us to some pole dancing. Then a visit to a pretty full on club, then that was it. Brunch followed on Sunday, during which we took over a whole cafe and then Liz and I took a fairly lengthy detour on the way home along the coast road, through the Royal National Park and to Bundeena.

That's it!