Legend of Korra

Comic-Con - HIMYM

If only they could apply some of this writing to the show. Unfortunately the laughs are few and far between these days.


Some shots from our bushwalk/swim this weekend!

GTA V: Gameplay

It's like something out of a dream. The 3 character focus was something I was skeptical of but having seen it in action there's something about it that just works so smoothly. Rockstar appear to have taken some important lessons from GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 and thrown them all together in a game with massive potential for variety.

I still would like there to be a co-op element but this is something that could very well come into the multiplayer so I'll reserve judgement until more is known.


The Iron Throne

Another GOT related post! GRRM recently wrote a blog post about what he imagined the Iron Throne would look like and unsurprisingly it isn't what appears in the HBO series. Rarely does an author's vision match 100% with what is produced on-screen, and neither of these may match with what the reader has imagined. Such are the limitations or freedoms of an individuals imagination. He comments that the show's throne is of 'terrific design' and is now iconic in popular culture and will always be THE Iron Throne for many people. The Throne that he imagines as he rights the forthcoming book 'The Winds of Winter' is more of a hulking, twisted high seat from which the king looks down on his subjects and those that look up; despair.

The above image (Marc Simonetti) is more along the lines of what GRRM wants his readers to picture when they read the novels - gargantuan and full of malice, a symbol of conquest and massacre.

VFX: Game of Thrones

Karakter have posted up a great article on their concept work for the visual effects of Season 2 of Game of Thrones. Detailing their approach to a television series that is producing effects on the comparable level to some films of the past decade such as Troy. But they insist that the effects hold a certain humbleness so as not to distract from the story (and superb acting) at play.

A few more interesting pointers revolve around paying attention to timeline & budget and building from the existing world where possible. It's quite an excellent look into a side of the production that isn't necessarily publicised as much. I'm still extremely impressed with how the pulled off Harrenhal - really does look like a dragon ripped through there.

Check out the link for more.

Chris Sasaki: Monsters University

Some absolutely fantastic concept art for Monsters University by the talented Chris Sasaki. I'm a big fan of the vehicles in particular, love the slight monsterisms of each. Check out more on his blog.

Guerrilla Ad - Volkswagon Polo

Absolutely brilliant. Very obviously not commissioned by Volkswagon, but I bet it did some advertising for them all the same!