There are so many obscure tvc's out there for advertising beer. Generally it consists of the key ingredients of beautiful women, an animal, beer..... and some more beautiful women.

Carlton Dry's recent advertising campaign is inspired by the dream of staring in our own action films. Carlton's Group Marketing Manager, Vincent Ruiu commented "The campaign draws inspiration from the fact that we all have one brilliant story we like to share with out mates over a beer".

90's action legend Steven Segal stars in a series of 30 second TVCs advertising the campaign's competition. Competitor's will provide a story for a 3 minute film which will be recreated with Segal playing the role of the winner.

I have several favourite beer advertising campaigns including 'The Big Ad' and several for Tooheys Extra Dry. But this series tops those. Perhaps it's because I love 90s action. Perhaps it's Segal.

It's all Segal.



An entry into the 2010 48 Hour Film Project undertaken by Paper Moose Productions, the director of which is a good friend of mine from uni. I think it's an absolutely great job done in such a short amount of time and apparently so did alot of other people - the film winning 'Best Film', 'Best Character' and 'Audience Choice'.

Nick and I have been in contact over the past month and a bit and I am quite pleased and very excited to say that I will be taking on some work for the company at some point in the near future (ala new year). There has been a few projects discussed which sound great! But at the end of the day the crew are all lovely people and I certainly look forward to working with them at some point in the future.


Cronulla Beach

We went to the beach on the weekend and for once I dragged my camera with me. I didn't take too many photos to be honest; these would definitely be the best of the selection. Quite happy with how they've turned out, especially the one of the bloke spear fishing. See how I go next time, think I'll do a video perhaps...

Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

Remember Rock' Em Sock 'Em Robots? That old game where you would sit and bash the single button until one of the robots 'died'? That's what I imagine this movie to be. It looks quite cool and as long as there is a solid story and animation it could very well be one of those movies that could stand out as something a little different in this day and age of remakes, revamps and sequels. An interesting tid bit of trivia I have discovered this past week is that Pirates of the Caribbean was originally written with Hugh Jackman in mind for the role of Jack Sparrow. That would have made for a completely different film and I must say that I am glad that it did not head this way. The reason for this happening was that the big heads at Disney felt that Jackman didn't have the name to carry a potential blockbuster, having only recently broken in with X-Men. In that respect, they were wrong.