Chuck is a magnificent series that started airing in 2008 from Josh Schwartz [creator of The O.C].

The season finale of the 2nd Season will next week and unfortunately it is looking like it may possibly also be a series finale, with NBC yet to announce its renewal for a 3rd season. This is incredibly unfortunate because there is not another show quite like this one, which may be a reason why there has been hesitation on its renewal. A good sign is the fact that NBC originally only ordered 13 episodes for the 2nd season, they later ordered another 9 leaving the show with a full 22 episode season.

Josh Schwartz has obviously considered the possibility that there may be no more Chuck as of next week and has keyed the season finale towards a series finale as well – which is good and I have no doubt that if renewed for another season the show will take a different path than it has previously, but remain true to its essence. Looking at the promo for the episode however does make it seem as though there may still be a cliffhanger - an unfortunate move if the show is cancelled, but also fantastic for the beginning of the 3rd season [if there is one].

This week’s episode “Chuck vs the Colonel” was another great episode which furthered the storyline to a point that the show could possibly end satisfactorily with the next episode; depending on what occurs in the final episode of course. The chemistry between the actors on the show is awesome, you really do feel the emotions that they are battling with; in particular Chuck in regards to Sarah, Sarah in regards to Chuck and Casey in regards to all of the cast.

I particularly like the evolution of Casey throughout the series. At the beginning he was a soldier. Full stop. Country first, no time for friends – but a fierce sense of right and wrong coupled with loyalty to his comrades [‘semper fi’].
He was unprepared for the affect that Chuck would have on his character, softening him to the point that he is almost forced to admit that yes, Chuck is his friend. He keeps everyone at a distance for a fear of becoming too personally involved with the asset [Chuck], but when it comes down to a matter of his given word [a promise to be kept] vs the US Government, he will keep his word and in the case of this episode – go against a direct order. As long as it is in his country’s best interests.

I will be disappointed if the show gets cancelled, but at the same time I have seen so many shows that I love go for too long and have a slump in the middle for 3 or so years before picking themselves up for the final season. Scrubs springs to mind [Slump Seasons 4 -6], as does Lost [Slump Seasons 2-3], Heroes [Slump Season 2], That 70s Show [Slump Season 8], Family Guy [Slump Season – anything after Season 3], Smallville [Slump Season 5 -7, 8 has been half and half], Stargate SG-1 [9-10].

You can relate it to Joss Whedon’s Firefly; great series, perhaps too short – but with the film to close off that last storyline it ended completely.


It is only one week away today.


I won’t lie and say that I’m not looking forward to this movie. Looking forward to it so much that I am refusing to go and download the leaked version that I know is out there. There are a few reasons including the fact that there is nothing to be gained from an incomplete version of the film and also the support that I have for Hugh Jackman and the Australian Film Industry – which has been supported through Mr Jackman’s efforts in the production of this film.

Mr. Jackman is a producer on the film through his film production company Seed Productions. He also opted for the majority of the filming to take place in Australia and New Zealand – which is something that Australia definitely need after the Justice League of America film’s debarkle.

Latest trailer

The film looks great,- everyone loves the character and Mr. Jackman’s portrayal of him, but I won’t say that I will be going into the film without reservations. Despite the story focusing on Wolverine’s origins and thus his involvement in the Weapon X program, from the trailers it feels as though they might be trying to force too many X-Men characters into the film. Considering that they have cut so many possible inclusions from the previous X-Men films it is on one hand surprising that they have decided to include so many, but on the other it isn’t. It’s half and half. Some inclusions are necessary to the story but others such as a teenaged Cyclops seem to be a bit of a stretch.

Gambit also falls into this category but the impression given from the trailer(s) is that his appearance will be more a fan-service than anything else – X-Men fans wanting Gambit included since X-2.

My impressions from the trailer[s] and clips that I have seen is that the better parts of the films will obviously be his least recent history; his childhood, the 3 or so wars he participated in and his inclusion in Weapon X. That is my
personal opinion, I am far more interested in everything prior to Weapon X and I am psyched that they are including his bone claws! Realistically it was unavoidable but it is nice to see that they look good!

And on a random note this film will be the first time that Wolverine's real name will be used; James Howlett. Fun fact.

I’ll post up a review of the film after I see it, probably not premiere night unfortunately, but the following Tuesday.

For the Beginning?

Some would call this the beginning, I do suppose that I would classify it as such in some aspects but in alot of other ways it is a middle.

This blog is for me more than anyone else - a way for me to let out all my interests, theories and conspiracies, just so that they're out there. So this is an outlet of things that generally no one is overly interested in but I am and therefore need some way to discuss them - even if it is with myself.

So there you have it.