Good point of reference for the supposed story for Iron Man 3.

Meet the Pryo

So we finally get to discover who the masked Pyro is.. I have loved TF2's character videos since their first and the fact that have continued to fill in the blanks in the character roster is just plain awesome. Not to mention that they have released the Source Filmmaker for the world to play with..

The New Sounds of Halo

I've been pretty quiet on blogging lately and very quiet on my thoughts of the impending Halo 4.

Marty O'Donnell has not returned to compose for the latest game in the franchise, with a new composer (Neil Davidge) stepping into some very large shoes. I was curious to see what direction someone else would take for the music that has become instantly recognisable as a part of the Halo universe. Davidge's music seems to capture that 'Halo' feel while developing something altogether new, not unlike the direction for the game itself (the first in the new "Reclaimer Trilogy").


So I am finally seeing The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday (at IMAX!!!!) and am currently using my theories and speculation about the film as a means of procrastination from a job I am currently slaving away on. As I have been in lockdown from anything Batman related for the past couple of weeks I have managed to avoid any spoilers, reviews and basically all material related to the film past the 2 trailers that I have watched previously.

I have been reading Knightfall as a way to get through the 2 weeks wait, which I expect the film will have drawn heavily from. Largely I started reading it because I wanted to be a bit more familiar with the character of Bane than I was previously. I highly recommend it! As I type I am now watching Batman Begins again, I didn't realise that Zsaz was in the opening scene with Scarecrow... Cool.

So... the theories I'm currently holding to;

Who is John Blake?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I could not be more excited about) plays a cop... That's about all that has been revealed (to me). He appears to be a younger version of Commissioner Gordon, I'm maintaining a theory that he is Nolan's answer to Robin. Not a costumed sidekick in the traditional sense but a younger, idealistic character with similar beliefs to Batman. I would throw in an image but I am terrified of googling him and something spoiler-y popping up.

Bane/League of Shadows
A villain who I am excited for but am quite positive that he will not be acting alone - my assumption is that he will be acting as a second to a larger villain. This leads me to assume that the League of Shadows is set for a return to Gotham after their defeat at the end of Batman Begins.

Batman Inc
In a flight of fancy (and based on the trailer) I had the thought that whilst Bruce has been out of action as Batman for a number of years he could have set up his own version of the League to combat crime in his stead. This is a wild theory which I'm not too invested in to be honest... Just wishful thinking.

Ras-al Ghul
A tough one. I would love to see the return of Liam Neeson and his immortal character from the comics, would act as a pleasant full circle to the trilogy. However it would fly in the face of Nolan's realism and take the films to the comic realm in the final act. In some ways that would be a shame but I feel a bit guilty that I'd still like to see it happen.

She'll eventually side with the B-Man but I do wonder what her involvement with Bane will be.

Joker/Arkham Asylum
Just a mention or reference to the ultimate fate of The Joker would be excellent - a simple line placing him in the world 8 years later and I'm sure we'd all like it if he was in Arkham Asylum yes?

There is nothing I would love more than if Batman was to die. I think it would be the perfect ending to the tale. I am very aware that this is unlikely to happen.. I do hope that there will be some deaths though. Someone hard hitting (Alfred/Fox) or someone a bit more expendable (Blake). But more likely I am assuming it will be Bane who will kick it.