Comic-Con - Walking Dead (Trailer)

Comic-Con - Chuck

Have managed to find some videos of the Chuck Season 5 Comic Con panel. Bit of a bittersweet panel for Zachary Levi and co as it was their final panel for the show. The panel covers alot of things, everything that comes with a show entering its final season. They talk about where Chuck is without the Intersect, where Morgan is with it, how does the CIA factor into now they are working privately. Big news from the panel is that there may be a main cast death before the season is over and the casting of Mark Hamill as a villain for some part of the season.

3DS. Or not.

I do think I am going to get a 3DS. I have been contemplating a DS/PSP for a good few years now and it seems as though it's finally at a point where there are the games to warrant buying one. To be perfectly honest, it's mostly Ocarina of Time that has finally swayed my stance on whether or not to buy one, but there is also a number of upcoming games (Starfox64, Super Mario, MarioKart, Super Smash Bros) that are also quite exciting.

There's also the potential that it will be able to link up with the Wii-U in some aspect which could be cool. Hopefully more than the Gamecube and the Advance did but we'll see. Target has a pretty good deal in their Toy Sale that starts Thursday so I'll go and check it out...

More Than Just a Man.

'If you make yourself more than just a man.
If you devote yourself to an ideal.
Then you become something entirely.

A legend, Mr Wayne.

A Legend.'

- Ra's al Ghul (Liam Neeson), Batman Begins (2005)

With the release of a teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (2012) speculation of how Christopher Nolan's Batman saga will end? The trailer promises a return thematically and narratively to the events of Batman Begins. Surely there will be a brief mention of 'past criminals' (The Joker (Heath Ledger)) and said criminals incarceration in Arkham Asylum. It would be a shame not to. Assumed is the return of the League of Shadows, with Bane filling the role of enforcer - closer to his comic counterpart rather than the Batman & Robin monstrosity. Whether Ra's will be back at the healm (ala the Lazarus Pit) or whether they shall be lead by his successor (potentially his daughter, Talia).

The teaser trailer and poster both depict Gotham crumbling. This coincides with Ra's al Ghul's  plan to allow Gotham to consume itself so that it may be cleansed. I am glad to see that the League of Shadows will not be forgotten - one of the greatest elements of Batman Begins.

There is the question of the role that Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) will fill. I feel it is safe to assume that her alter ego, Selina Kyle will play romantic interest to Bruce Wayne. But how the burglar will factor into the film it is unknown. I am excited by the prospect however.

It will be interesting to see where the film ends. Will it end with him heading towards a familiar future, perhaps to a certain family act at a circus. Or will it be with Batman giving his all and ultimately his life for the city he loves. He has already given his love and reputation for the city, and the Joker has brought him as close to breaking as he has ever been. What better time for the League to revisit their plans, when Batman is at his weakest. We'll see how it all turns out...