More College Humour.

Oh Yvonne. You are hilarious. I can't say that I disagree with the Lady Gaga penis comment either. That chick creeps the hell out of me.

A Pirates First Day.

A quick little video of the first day of shooting on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Pretty cool little rapid insight to the efforts that go into shooting on a location that doesn't have road access. The answer? Boats. Lots of boats.

Of an Ape Planet.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer hit the net today as a follow up to the 4 second clip released a few days ago. Looks outstanding, cannot wait for the film. Glad to see Tyler Labine hitting up a film role there. That final shot is the 4 second clip that was released but seeing it in the context of the trailer, providing us with a hint of Caesar's character just blows me away. I can't help but still be amazed by the cg work on WETA and the acting talents of on Andy Serkis. There is so much emotion in simple looks, so much malice.

Very exciting stuff!

Of Hobbits.

I cannot express simply how excited I am by The Hobbit finally going into production. This video gave me chills, especially seeing the cast sit at Bilbo's table and to then be joined by Ian McKellen - it's incredible. The Lord of the Rings were a massive part of my teenage years (early - mid) and I cannot wait for The Hobbit films to join them. The original films were unlike anything I had ever seen and I cannot wait to venture into Middle Earth again.

Of Apes.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - Teaser Site

I know it's just a 4 second clip but it still looks amazing. I think the issues that audiences have had with the previous films could be alleviated with the use of cg. I know there has been dispute amongst fans in regards to the amount of movement in the actor's faces that the prosthetics allowed for in previous films. I still think that 'Rise of the Apes' was a definitive (enough) title for the film, 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' seems to spoon feeding the audience a little too much. I'm sure they would have figured it out.

Fan-Made Opening Titles to X-Men: First Class

A hypothetical title sequence for the yet-to-be-released X-Men: First Class. This has been swirling around the interwebs for the past few days, full of inspiration and techniques borrowed from the stylings of Saul Bass and James Bond films as well as remnants of classic Marvel Films introductions (X-Men and Spiderman). Whilst I do not feel that it is as fantastic as many are raving about, I will happily confer a congratulations to the artist in representing a 60's era title sequence. My issue with the piece is that whilst Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy's names are clear as day the others are completely lost against the backdrop of 1960s paraphernalia. Something about that sets off the latter half of the sequence for me, leaving the audience to adjust to images of newspapers etc which easily could have been broken up with cast members. But this, after all, just an opinion.


LucasArts has hired Tim Longo (previous Tomb Raider creative and franchise director) as Creative Director on an unannounced game.
Longo has a working relationship with LucasArts which includes Lead Designer on Star Wars: Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter, Creative Director on Star Wars: Republic Commando. His recent projects include Tomb Raider: Underworld and Anniversary. His hiring could be the intial step towards a number of game, assumably Star Wars-related such as another starfighter based game (personally I think another Rogue Squadron would be a dream) or finally the long-awaited Imperial Commando (the long spoken of sequel to Republic Commando).
This aside my inital hopes and dreams did not jump to either of these but rather a Tomb Raider-inspired Indiana Jones game. That IS the dream. A third person, puzzle based adventure game would be absolutely mind blowing. Think back on recent Indiana Jones games - LEGO Indiana Jones and it's sequel are strong, as are all the LEGO games but they are lacking in obvious areas in regards to their audience. Indiana Jones and the Staff of King's that hit Wii was a promising game until you hit the shooting portion of the game and it lost all balance and was unusable. The Indy game that showed the greatest promise (which I only played the demo of) was Indiana Jones and the Emporer's Tomb, released back in 2003. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (1999) was also along these same lines.
That's nearing the 10 year mark, I think it could be time to explore these grounds again, but we can only hope. There hasn't been a decent Star Wars starfighter game for years either, so if they are pursuing either franchise it would be a welcome development.


The 4 minute trailer for Green Lantern hit the web yesterday, revealing a tingling collection of the footage screened at WonderCon a few days ago. I will admit that I was beginning to lose enthusiasm for the film based purely off not having seen much in the way of advertising in recent months. Well this 4 minute spectacle spectacular definitely reinvigorated my thirst for the GL film. I must say that the creature (re alien) designs are fantastic!