I have been inspired by a mate's to do list, so I have been doing up my own in the past 2 weeks. Some of these things have already happened so I'll catch up on that soon.

1. Find a full-time job that uses my degree(s).
2. Finish further training.
3. Lose 5kgs.
4. Buy PS3.
5. Make a vinyl toy.
6. Move from Blaxland.
7. Read Dracula.
8. Frame my degrees.
9. Update folio site.
10. Make short film.
11. Act like Bill Murray for a day.
12. By Limbo and finish.
13. Read the remainder of the Scott Pilgrim series (#2 - #6)
14. Makes efforts to become an artsy photographer.
15. Buy a HD video-capable DSLR.
16. Obtain new dvd shelving unit.
17. Own a 100 year old book.
18. Watch 3 'alternate' films.
19. Frame a poster.
20. Own an antique film poster.
21. Own all Raymond E Feist books in hardcover.
22. Buy some Threadless tees.
23. Read 1 chapter per day of a book for a month.
24. Get license.
25. Cook a roast dinner.
26. Illustrate children's book.
27. Buy an artwork.
28. Create a digital homage to the 2nd level of Goldeneye 64.
29. Watch all Star Trek films.
30. Buy Sennheiser headphones.
31. Buy a new desk chair.
32. Collect complete set of Heath Ledger's feature films.
33. Have artwork published.
34. Go running 4 times a week for a month.
35. Camp in the Blue Mountains.
36. Enter MIAF.
37. Replace laptop battery.
38. Get some new Converse's.
39. Land more freelance work.
40. Ride 10km's in a week.
41. Patch up desk.
42. Clean up desk lamp.
43. Pick up assorted frames from op shops etc.
44. Explore Gould's Arcade in Newtown.
45. Watch film at Dendy Cinema.
46. Buy typewriter.
47. Buy a polaroid camera.
48. Buy a vintage phone.
49. Independantly publish.
50. Complete this list by 15 April 2012.


It's been a relatively unproductive day, but an inspirational one so the comsos balances that one out for me right? My theory is tomorrow will be either a) Incredibly productive or b) Filled with sloth-like couch-based living

I just (today) finished up a freelance job I have been working on for the past 2 months. It's been on and off for that time, but it was nice to have some sort of continuing work.There's a bunch of jobs out there just waiting for me to find them, many of them lying in North Sydney. I've been attempting to avoid North Sydney as it is just a tad far, but since I am moving come mid-October it means they are much more in my reach (as long as they lie within the grasps of the train). So I've been sitting on that decision for the past day or so.


I just saw a very frightening ad on tv for erection problems involving an older couple and a "step ladder"so I've completely lost momentum with this post...

Working on a few exciting projects at the moment, as well as more for Masters so expect some creative posts in the coming days. I've had a few revelations of the past few days so that's been nice.

Also, the Emmy voice over dude is very, very, incredibly.... bland and in now way entertaining.